REVIVING THE BACKYARD: The nation's river

"Reviving The Backyard" is a 15-minute film following Grant Horton and Michael Stevens as they make a human-powered journey down the Potomac River as they attempt to reach the Chesapeake Bay.  Through their adventure, the film seeks to inspire the residents of Washington, D.C. (and beyond) to get out into their "backyards" and experience what lives just beyond the fence. By venturing into this urban ecosystem, the two wish to redefine wilderness as something that lives under our noses, not just some distant mountain-range. 

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The two met sometime in 1995, though reports have varied. From one source close to the two, the first encounter came when Grant exposed himself to Michael, and other neighborhood children, to prove that he was, in fact, not a girl. While that is no longer a concern to either of the two, they have quite the time reflecting upon such memories and spend countless hours arguing over the validity of said minutiae.
 Through their deep, and wild connection, we believe the audience will instantly feel connected to the two, and will derive much from the pair’s connection to the land they grew up in. 
Though they have spent many years apart, we are quite sure that the audience will see that their connection lives on strong.