Home, sweet and short, home

Time seems to be exponentially longer when it is spent at home. It has been almost 9 months since I had been back here and holy shit it feels like a long time. I spent the first half of the week holed up in my room sleeping, working on this website, working on sifting through all the video from the Sea Kayaking trip, and running to the fridge every second in between to stuff my face.

            It is nice to be back here – time spent with friends long left ignored, family members converging like a school of fish but scattering at a moments notice, and the all encompassing humidity. In many ways being home is recharging me, but in others it drains me. Petty fights with siblings, learning to accept the new dog, confronting changes in my family’s lives it never ceases to amaze me how much there is in life you can never prepare for.

            I am happy that I have spent time here, but I am itching to get back West. Van is most certainly lonely (or at least she better be!), and I have plans ahead of me. Zach hit me up and wants to go climb Mt. Shuskan, which is right near Mt. Baker, on Thursday. I am beginning to hope that this is the start of a trend. Pretty psyched about the prospects of getting up on another glacier, though I am starting to think I need to buy myself a pair of crampons.

            Before I forget, here are some new things I have done since being back:

Got a grand tour of the Supreme Court from chief homie correspondent and Marshall's Aide Jake Levitan. Unfortunately my phone was seized by the government before I could take any photos for proof of the dope life Jake is living. (it wasn't seized just ran out of battery)


Visited the national monument at 5am with my College freshman year Sam and homie Steff (after chilling with Trevor and Jake)

Chilled on many a rooftop bar in DC with high school buddies Henry, Bryan, Connor, Miles, Ned, sisters Jessie and Stephanie, randomly my cousin Claire, and childhood friend Grant. 

Trail Riding with my Mom 

2015-08-16 18.18.42.jpg

All in all, it has been an eventful time back in DC. I have no idea when I will be back here (most likely it will be next May when my oldest Sister Julie and her fiancé Matt get Married!!!!

Anyhow, as you may have noticed, I am trying to post more often with photos and less words (just more digestible). Let me know what you think!